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6 Questions To Ask When Choosing The Best Window Cleaning Service

Published 10/6/2014

Clean, sparkling windows are key ingredients in a well-maintained office building or home. Choosing the right professional window cleaning service can make the difference in consistently clean windows handled in a prompt fashion, and streaky messes made on your windows, or unprofessional providers who don't even show up.

Here are 6 easy questions to ask to make sure you are choosing the best window cleaning company:

#1: Will you give me a free estimate? A well-established window cleaning company will agree to assess the job and give you an estimate, at no charge.

#2: How long have you been in business? A company that has managed to stay in business for many years is doing something right. Most likely, they are reliable and provide quality work. When making your choice, how long the company has been in business should weigh heavily into your decision.

#3: Will you give me some customer references? A business that provides good customer service will have a slew of happy customers. Ask for references, and call them. It's a big red flag if the window washing service will not agree to let you speak with satisfied clients.

#4: Do you perform a background checks on your employees? It's imperative that the window cleaning company performs background checks on their employees.This will give you greater confidence that the employees they send to your home or office can be trusted.

#5: Do you have the proper licenses and insurance? Protect yourself from the risk of lawsuits by asking to see the company's business license and insurance. Save yourself some big headaches by not doing business with companies that don't have these documents.

#6: Do you have a satisfaction guarantee? Professional window washing services should stand behind their work. Make sure you understand your recourse if you are not satisfied. Do you get a refund? Will they re-wash the area that doesn't meet your standards? Having clarification on this will ensure you understand what can be expected if the situation ever arises.

Clean, pristinely washed windows are key components of a well-maintained home or business. By asking these questions up front, you will be able to reach an educated, informed decision!

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