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When should you clean your gutters?

Published 4/4/2016

You probably know your gutters can fill up with leaves, gunk and other debris, causing it to clog and then fail to work properly. But how often do you really need to clean them out to prevent overflow and flooding?

As often as your home needs it.

Some homes are near specific kinds of trees that increase the amount of gunk in your gutter, like a maple tree – they’ll cause a mess all year-round!

 Generally speaking, you need to have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year. We live in an area that has ample vegetation during most of the year, and in winter we see a lot of snow and ice.

 At the very minimum, you should have your gutters cleaned out during the fall, when leaves and other debris are falling, and in the spring, when blown-around tree matter can accumulate in the gutters.

We also suggest making sure your gutters are clean in the off-seasons. For instance, try cleaning your gutters around the end of summer or beginning of fall. This makes sure that when it gets cooler and rainy, your gutters are prepared to route water away from your home without clogging. 

Also keep an eye on your gutters throughout winter to make sure there is no ice build-up blocking the flow of melting snow or weighing your gutter down. 

Feel free to call one of the experts at Bubbles to discuss your gutters, the trees near your home, and any other factors that would affect how often you need to have your gutters cleaned. 

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