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The Importance of Expert Power Washing

Published 9/19/2014

All surfaces accumulate dirt and dust over time, but decks, fences and other outdoor surfaces are especially vulnerable. Exposure to the elements, and to foot traffic, can turn a pristine surface into a dirty or even moldy eyesore. That's why regular power washing is so important.

Power washing rids decks of dirt that can't be removed otherwise. It also saves you money and effort in the long term by reducing the need to repaint or replace. The deep clean provided by power washing is also a safety precaution. Mold on the outside can creep into your walls and cause structural damage as well as health issues. Dirt and mold on the floor of a deck or patio, or near your driveway can become slippery and dangerous to walk on.

As useful as power washing is, it can also be abused. It takes an exact science to determine the correct pressure for surface at hand. Too much pressure, and wood can splinter or decay, turning a cleaning job into a catastrophe. Too little, and those pesky stains and dirt stains will stick around.

If you have a deck, patio, fence or other structure that could benefit from power washing, you can depend on Bubbles Window Washing & Power Cleaning. All of our employees are highly trained, and will provide you with the best service possible. For deck and patio washing, we always provide a pre-inspection, which enables us to select the proper equipment and pressure for your home. Our washers are also experts in staining services and can conveniently provide you estimates on those packages as well.

We work on wood, steel, chain-link and vinyl fencing, and stone, wood, and concrete patios and decks. We also provide power washing services for home exteriors, sidewalks, and garages/parking lots. No matter what your power washing needs, we will be there for you.

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