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How to Choose the Right Window Squeegee

Published 9/26/2014

 How to choose the right window squeegee

When it comes to window cleaning, the easier, the better. One simple to use tool that can help make your windows shine like new again is a window squeegee. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to purchase, as well.

This simple addition will give you much more reach and allow easier, more thorough cleaning with a lot less stretching. The better the squeegee fits the window, the less work and mess you will have to endure. Make sure that the blade is firm and sturdy, but also flexible. You can then simply choose blades that fit the largest channel and cut some of them down to fit the other sizes.

Since sizes vary, you may want to purchase more than one size of the channel, or the part that holds the blade in place, for your window cleaning squeegee.

Also, check the package or label to ensure that the window cleaning supplies you intend to use will not harm the blade. If you have tall or high windows, you might also wish to consider adding a window cleaning squeegee extension handle.

As the edges of the blade begin to curve, wear down, or become rough, the blade needs to be turned over. For larger windows, a squeegee approximately half the size of your window will work also, as a slight overlap is fine. Choose from rigid or swivel, with the swivel type being preferred for round or other unusually shaped windows.

The key is to squeeze most of the soapy water out of the scrubber to eliminate excessive dripping and running. If you press too hard or not hard enough, go to slow or too fast all in the wrong combination, you may get streaking. Moving the squeegee horizontally across the glass is the preferred way, but vertical strokes will work too.

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