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Fall Cleaning Checklist

Published 9/28/2021

Fall Cleaning Checklist

The fall solstice is upon us, and as many homeowners start setting up their fall and Halloween décor, they are also getting to fall cleaning tasks as they prepare to host guests during the upcoming holiday seasons. Many people think that prepping or decorating a home for fall is just about the interior and neglect the exterior of their home.

Most homeowners dread gutter cleaning, washing the windows, or power washing their decks, patios, or the siding of their home. Rest assured, these three household projects will help maintain the integrity of your home and make spring cleaning easier after the fall and winter seasons. Learn how Bubbles Window Washing and Gutter Cleaning can help you with your exterior chores and impress your guests with gutter cleaning, window washing, and power washing. 

The Importance of Window Washing in the Fall

Fall is the perfect time to get your windows cleaned in the Chicagoland area. It provides ideal temperatures for outdoor projects and prepares your home for the holiday season. Family and friends will be coming over for Thanksgiving or Christmas, so now is the time to make sure your home is in order by having your windows professionally cleaned. Just one more thing you can check off your cleaning list.

Cleaning the insides of your windows is not the same as having your windows professionally cleaned. We recommend getting your windows washed twice a year to prevent dirt, dust, and grime buildup. Our window cleaning experts use a premium solution to clean the inside and outside to remove any allergens, dust, or dirt. Our goal is to keep the interior of your home healthy and the exterior gleaming. 

Clean Gutters are a Necessity for Proper Water Drainage

Avoid water or ice damage this fall and winter by having your gutters professionally cleaned. Gutter clogs leave your home vulnerable to internal and external water damage, invite unwanted pests, and can lead to costly repairs if not properly maintained. If your gutters are in poor condition, or you're unable to get on a ladder/roof, call the professionals at Bubbles Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning. Our experts will ensure your gutters will endure the Chicagoland fall and winter weather.  

It is hard to determine when cleaning your gutters is a DIY project or if you should hire a professional to get the job done. With ladder injuries being one of the most common home injuries, hiring a professional gutter cleaner reduces the risk of falling and injuring yourself. 

Winterize Your Home with Power Washing

Pressure Washing your home may not be the first task on your list when preparing your home for the fall and winter. However, the harsh Chicagoland winters can be tough on the exterior of your home. Pressure washing not only ensures your home looks great for your holiday guests, but you will also get a head start on spring cleaning.

Power washing your deck or siding before winter comes can remove any mildew or mold that only gets worse from all the snow and ice. Giving your deck a deep clean with a weather treatment or other sealant during the fall can remove any imperfections and prepare your deck for winter. Using the experts at Bubbles Window Washing and Gutter, you can rest assured that our power washing services will reduce any risks or damage to surfaces if you were to do it yourself. 

If you are looking to prepare the exterior of your home for the fall and winter weather and the upcoming holidays, reach out to Bubbles Window Washing and Gutter Cleaning today to get $10 off window washing$10 off gutter cleaning, or $50 off power washing. Give us a call today!

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