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Can Gutters be Cleaned in the Winter?

Published 1/24/2022

Can Gutters be Cleaned in the Winter?

Gutter cleaning is usually done in the fall, ahead of the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. But that does not mean you cannot have your gutters cleaned in the winter. Scheduling a gutter cleaning service now may help you avoid winter damage.

Gutter Cleaning Prevents Cold Weather Problems

Winter can especially be hard on your gutters. Unlike warmer seasons, water backups from clogged gutters can freeze during the winter months, causing more issues. Ice dams can likely form if your downspouts are backed-up with leaves. Ice can build up above your gutters and damage your roof. All this extra weight can cause your gutters to sag, pull away from your house, or break off altogether. Loose gutters also often lead to rotting wood. Once debris freezes inside your gutters, it will drain more slowly, even when temperatures get above freezing.

Many people are now choosing to have snow guards installed. When you have snow guards on your roof, layers of ice or snow will melt and break up instead of sliding down your gutters in a large sheet – potentially saving you from having your gutters come down. To prevent ice dams, some people install heating cables. These run along the edge of your roof and melt ice, providing enough space for water to run off into your gutter. Making sure your roof is properly insulated with good ventilation is another way to prevent ice dams.

Protect Your Home with Winter Gutter Cleaning Services

Since winter can bring slippery ice and snow, it’s a perfect time to have your gutters serviced by professionals. This is especially true if your gutters have ice dams. Our experts will safely remove debris and fix any problems while you stay warm and comfortable in your home.

Prevent winter gutter damage this winter. Contact Bubbles Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning to schedule the highest quality gutter cleaning service in the Chicagoland area.

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