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Benefits of Pressure Washing

Published 3/1/2016

Thankfully, winter is over, but that only means spring cleaning has begun!

Over time, and especially the last few months, mildew, dirt, and mold have collected on the side of your home. This drastically shortens the life of your siding.  Any homeowner who has had to replace a portion of their home’s siding knows how expensive and time consuming it can be to obtain the new siding and install it.

 Reduce the need to replace siding by maintaining it with power washing. Preventative maintenance is very important for this part of your home. Using a professional to power wash the dirty siding on your home can significantly reduce the risk of damage.

As for deck cleaning, some cheaper contractors will re-stain a deck without taking the important step of power washing it first. The deck may look wonderful right after it is re-stained, but look closely and you will see areas that bubble up with debris that is caught under the resin.

This debris will cause cracking in the stain and can cause wood to mold over time. Taking the time to power wash the wood on your deck prior to staining is critical to the longevity of this outdoor space. 

Call the experts at Bubbles today and schedule a professional pressure wash for your deck or siding. 

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