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5 Reasons to Wash Your Windows This Fall

Published 9/12/2014

Now that Labor Day Weekend is over, it won’t be long before the cold winds start whipping through the streets of Chicago and we all begin battening down the hatches. Although that can be a good thing, there are at least a few tasks that must be taken care of before winter cocooning and the holiday entertaining season goes into full swing.


Window washing is one of them and for five great reasons:

1.) Let There Be Light!

A surprising number of Americans experience episodes of depression brought on, in part, by having limited access to natural sunlight. And we all know that clean windows allow natural sunlight to filter into homes and businesses year round. So having the windows washed before the clocks turn back and the snow flies may just help combat those seasonal blues.

2.) Slow Down the Sniffles

In addition, fall is prime time for weed related allergies to kick in. When that happens, many of those airborne allergens may accumulate on windows, window screens, exterior light fixtures, ceiling fans and doors. Therefore, having them professionally cleaned may reduce episodes of sneezing, sniffling and runny eyes too.

3.) Vanquish Viruses and Bacteria

Allergens aren’t the only items that may accrue on windows and screens, viruses and bacteria can as well. The list of potential problem makers includes, but isn’t restricted to MRSA, staph and VRE. As such, frequent cleaning will keep them from being passed on to unsuspecting family members and holiday visitors.

4.) First Impressions

Speaking of holiday visitors, dirty windows and doors will certainly make for bad, and lasting, first impressions. And who wants to get off on the wrong foot by presenting a “I don’t care about my surroundings” appearance to the world?

5.) Peace of Mind

Lastly, knowing that your home or business’ windows are clean can also provide a peace of mind. This is especially the case when you count on Bubbles Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning because we offer all of our customers total satisfaction, guaranteed.


To learn more about the benefits of having windows, screens and doors washed before winter sets in, please contact us today. We’d love to provide you and your family with a window washing, gutter cleaning, power washing and Gutterglove® services in the autumn days ahead.

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